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The Swiss Rose Garden Nursery grew out of the passion of Ruedi and Vivienne Etter who began producing rose plants commercially in 1978. Ruedi is a qualified horticulturist who has experience in all aspects of rose growing and together with his wife Vivienne and staff established the Swiss Rose Garden Nursery in Brookdale/Armadale in Perth's southern suburbs in 1984.

Each year we produce more than 20,000 rose plants for garden centres and the public. All of our roses are grown on Fortuneana root stock which enables them to be grown in almost any garden with great success.

Unlike many wholesale rose growers, we produce all stock at our nursery and do all bud grafting ourselves. We can bud many difficult to locate varieties (providing they are not a commercially protected variety) and can bud to order.


Our roses are produced in 200mm pots, minimal herbicides are used and fungal and insect problems are treated with chemicals only when a problem is arising. This ensures that our rose plants can tolerate a wide range of gardening conditions.

We pride ourselves in giving accurate and helpful information on any aspect of rose planting and growing, and will be pleased to answer your enquiries relating to roses. Our love of roses and our commitment to customer service has seen us thrive as a rose grower of choice to the Western Australian public for more than 25 years.

Visit us at our display rose gardens and nursery or call us on 08 9399 1880 or 0419 969 302 to discuss your rose requirements.


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38 Wollaston Avenue, Haynes (Armadale), WA 6112 | Phone: 08 9399 1880 or 0419 969 302